thinkTHINK inc. is currently in stealth mode as we make the transition from our former life offering contract software services to our new business model.

A Bit of History

thinkTHINK inc. began it's life in December of 1994 as a entrepreneurial incubator and geek hangout in Santa Cruz, CA. In February of 2000, thinkTHINK incorporated and formally became thinkTHINK inc. thinkTHINK inc. dissolved the entrepreneurial incubator and shifed to contracting software services to Silicon Valley companies, including notable companies such as Zilog, HP, and Bank of America. Regrettably, on August 23, 2003, thinkTHINK inc's CFO, Denis Garrity passed away.

thinkTHINK inc. is now focusing on embedded systems targeting acidemic, industrial, and hobby markets.

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